Jorge Saad Investment and Insurance Service

As owner and agent of this company, Jorge Saad has been in business for over 25 years. He obtained his master's degree in Business Administration from the State University in San Diego in 1983. Over the years he has achieved many great awards, which include top honors from the Top of the Round Table, (one of the highest awards for recognition in the insurance business), and four years of the Court of the Table. Our company's priorities include providing the best in health, life, and disability insurance to our customers. Jorge Saad Investment and Insurance Services contains a large universe of companies and products to match the desired business of our clients. As brokers, we have the ability to shop the market for competitive prices. Client satisfaction is of great value to us and we strive to meet all expectations that are of importance to our clients.

 4275 Executive Square, Suite 900
 La Jolla CA.92037
 Phone: 858-452-1105, 1106
 Fax: 858-452-1107

Licensed in the state of California (Lic.# 0645342)

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